Image Mosaics With Python, Part II

15 January 2017

In the second part of the series on image mosaics, we explore creating mosaics with a stochastic method.

image mosaic

Image Mosaics With Python

02 January 2017

I'm sure you've seen an image mosaic before. Each pixel in the original image has been replaced with an entire image. The tiled, jagged result usually resembles the original image at a distance and, when good component images are chosen, presents the viewer with a very complex image to explore. Let's create some with python.

image mosaic

API Keys and Usage Plans with AWS API Gateway

13 December 2016

AWS makes it easy to throw up a quick API. But how do you prevent abuse? You are, after all, paying for the resources that others are using. One way is with API keys and usage plans.


28 August 2016

csv2table is a tool that I wrote. Over the years, I've found myself constantly interacting with delimited files and constantly frustrated by the lack of tooling to query such files. csv2table was born of that frustration.

Postgres, the Good Parts: Arrays

21 August 2016

PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, is "the world's most advanced open source database". But what makes it so advanced? In this post, we'll be covering what may be my favorite feature: arrays.

Book Review: Mastering Bitcoin

14 August 2016

"Mastering Bitcoin" by Andreas M. Antonopoulos is an in-depth discussion of how bitcoin works at a technical level. It goes to great lengths to describe the theory, algorithms, code, and concerns behind the implementation of Bitcoin. While somewhat dated now, this book is a great resource for anyone wishing to understand this transformative technology better.

cover image of 'Mastering Bitcoin'

Going Serverless with AWS Lambda and API Gateway

07 August 2016

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz in the computing world about "serverless". Serverless is a concept wherein you don't manage any servers yourself but instead provide your code or executables to a service that executes them for you. This is execution-as-a-service. It introduces many opportunities and also presents its own unique set of challenges.

Refactoring, Preserving History

30 July 2016

At work and in many open source projects there is a common pattern of how to manage your code: everything in separate projects. While this keeps everything separate it does introduce some other challenges.

vim, backupcopy and webpack dev server

30 July 2016

This is just a quick note about what seems to be a common gotcha when using vim to develop with webpack's dev server.

Subresource Integrity

16 July 2016

Subresource Integrity (SRI for short) is a technique that allows you to ensure that your assets are being served unaltered.


11 July 2016

Jimmy is a bit of the cultural genome of Truveris.


01 July 2016

🎶They roll down stairs and travel in pairs and over your devops dog🎶

My Tests Are Slow

20 June 2016

The other day a coworker was remarking that their test suite ran much more slowly than mine. Much more slowly than the build server, too.

Break On Attribute Change

13 June 2016

Today I discovered a neat feature available in both Firefox and Chrome: break on attribute change. This allows us to break when some code changes a DOM element attribute.